The Profit and Loss (P&L) is currently in a break-even state, but the accounts are not finished to the end of the year. I am not expecting any serious surprises, so all is well as the current Board start their interim tenure. Reserves are very good, and IFPA owns the building outright, but with proactive management and a focus on members’ needs, we expect the P&L to be looking good soon. Robust forecasting and strict cash flow and spending management protocols are now in place and will be monitored by all Trustees weekly.

All the services are being reviewed, and we have already identified some savings in unexpected places – eg. a 360-litre refuse bin reduced to an 80-litre one to suit the modern office that has much less waste paper. I have had some help from the wonderful Sandra Quinn, who some of you may remember worked previously for IFPA for many years, and who now runs her own training company. Her expertise and insight have been invaluable.

I am off to China this week teaching for a month – and a little time for horse-riding along the base of the Great Wall. When I come back at the end of April, I will prepare a full set of accounts and make them available to any member who asks to see them. These will be in final draft form, and will be checked and checked again before being presented at the AGM.  By May, acting on advice, we will have recruited someone to fulfil accounts clerk activities for half-a-day a week with a flexible approach to holidays. The job description will be prepared when I get back.

I won’t have access to Facebook while in China, but my friend will be posting for me, so if you want to see some amazing pics of your colleagues in China, please feel free to follow me: –

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