As both a clinical aromatherapist and holistic, sports and remedial massage therapist, Dr Sarah Bryan of SB Holistic is always looking for ways to bring different therapeutic approaches together when working with clients. In January 2017, she launched her Magic Range, a unique toolkit of five aromatherapy products, specifically designed to complement advanced massage techniques. Massage therapists and other bodywork therapists can safely use these for their clients without further training or insurance cover.

“Not all massage therapists can afford the money or time commitment involved in aromatherapy training, although many would like to know something about essential oils and how to use them,” Sarah Explains, “While pre-blended oils are no substitute for bespoke aromatherapy, these will help bodyworkers more interested in the massage side to make their treatments even more pleasant and effective for their clients/patients. The oils chosen in the Magic blends have been specifically chosen for their physical effects on the tissues, rather than the psychological benefits, which are already well represented by other brands on the market.”

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