Chief Executive

Job Title: Chief Executive
Location of post Hinckley, UK
Reports to: IFPA Board and Chair (and Officers as necessary)
Pay £150.00 per day
Contract & Hours Permanent – p/t 3 days a week (21 hours) Other hours as necessary for the role.

Purpose of job:

Responsible for the overall management of the charity and its trading operation, including the day to day management of the office.

Responsible for ensuring effective staff management and performance, delivering the operational aspects of the business plan and a high level of customer service and quality control at all times. Also help to identify new opportunities to increase awareness and funds for the charity and its work.

To line-manage the Accounts Officer, Administration Officer and the Technical Advisor and liaise with the Board & Officers as necessary.

Accountabilities, responsibilities and main duties:


1.1 Provide effective line management, clear direction and day to day supervision to all staff and volunteers (if any), motivating and supporting them to deliver against their objectives and our overall business plan.
1.2 With the Accounts Officer, to monitor charity expenditure and costs against agreed budget/ funding guidelines and ensure we operate cost-effectively at all times.

1.3 To work with the Secretary, Trustee with Finance portfolio (if there is one) and Auditors on preparing the books and records for audits, and specifically to ensure compliance with all relevant financial, regulatory and legal requirements.

1.4 Recruit and train staff or volunteers, providing work ‘buddies’ where appropriate to ensure effective training (software, databases, protocols, customer care, sales) is delivered as part of their induction and/or ‘on the job’.

1.4 With the Accounts Officer, to ensure salaries are paid on time.

1.5 Carry out quarterly and annual staff appraisals to ensure individual objectives and personal development plans are consistently being met.

1.6 To contribute to the appraisal of the Chair and Trustees.

1.7 Attend and contribute to Trustee meetings, presenting a management report, including latest membership data, event/conference data, school data, social media data and progress against delivery of business plan objectives.

1.8 Attend and contribute to Committee meetings as appropriate.

1.9 Act as the primary liaison point between IFPA, members (existing and new) Trustees and Officers to ensure communications at all times.


2.1 To take an active part in identifying risks and threats to the organisation, monitoring risks under your responsibility (and ensuring that your staff do the same), recording them in the IFPA Risk Map and taking necessary action to deal with those risks.


3.1 Monitor and manage IFPA’s people resource against the demands of the service, taking into account contractual arrangements, staff performance, annual leave, sickness, etc.  This includes staff and volunteers based outside of the UK.

3.2 Ensure adherence to Employment, Health and Safety, Data Protection requirements and that we are complying with our Policies and Procedures including, but not limited to: Procurement and Probity Frameworks.

3.3 Effectively delegate tasks to members of staff (in accordance with the schedule of delegations), empowering them to take ownership of their area/s of responsibility and to share workload.

3.4 Working with the Accounts Officer: manage the day-to-day finances using Excel and SAGE; ensuring payment of invoices; payroll; and practitioners’ fees; managing petty cash, and record/ reconcile income and expenditure.

3.5 Handle complaints and grievances from members, the public or staff, ensuring a timely response and work within the appropriate policies.
3.6 Oversee the maintenance of the buildings and ensure running repairs and any cleaning contracts are regularly reviewed and upheld.

3.7 Ensure that insurances policies are renewed on time and that cover is adequate.

3.8 Working with Contractors: maintain and develop the web site content and social networking sites.

3.9 Oversee the Membership databases and CRM system (Subscriber), working with the Customer Support Assistant to ensure that membership data is consistently logged, analysed and reported on a regular basis.

3.10 Oversee and/ or play an active role in negotiations with suppliers as appropriate.

3.11 Working with Trustees and Officers: to ensure delivery of successful general meetings and conferences.

3.12 Oversee and report on the international activities of IFPA.

3.13 Oversee and report on the activities of the Regional Groups.

3.14 Organise, manage and oversee a minimum of one profitable conference per annum, liaising with the office staff, and the events working group. Conferences to take place in the UK & Asia with a view to expansion in alignment with the business plan.

3.15 Oversee In Essence magazine production.

3.16 Organise, facilitate and oversee revenues streams from In Essence advertisements in the UK and Japan, conferences, corporate sponsorship/membership and overall membership.

3.17 Organise and facilitate CPD workshops both on domestic and international fronts.

3.18 Travel according to the organisation needs within the UK and abroad.


Working with the Board and Officers to:

4.1 Actively contribute to the growth and strategic direction of the charity and the delivery of its business plan on a domestic and global level.

4.2 Be the day to day contact and help to steer any fundraising groups or Committees, ensuring effective implementation of IFPA’s fundraising and marketing strategy to increase our profile and secure more sustainable income.

4.3 Take the lead on specific fundraising activities and new business both in the UK and abroad.

4.4 Establish and maintain strong relationships/ partnerships to promote the Federation amongst local community groups, GPs and statutory services (NHS) and identify new areas to extend IFPA’s work and outreach programme globally.


5.1 To prepare the annual budgets and business plans in conjunction with the Accounts Officer and Secretary.

5.2 To arrange the presentation and discussion of business plans and budget to the Board.

5.3 To prepare quarterly management reports in addition to reports for meetings.


6.1 Keep abreast of and conform with any legislation relevant to our service in consultation with the Board and Officers.

6.2 Safeguard at all times the confidentiality of information relating to the members and staff.

6.3 Perform other duties not specified in the job description, but which may be reasonably expected of a Chief Executive and as directed by the Board or Officers.

Key relationships: (internal and external)

  • Chair and Trustees of the Board.
  • Secretary
  • IFPA Members
  • Accountants and Bank
  • Auditors
  • IFPA Staff
  • Regulators

Other important features or requirements of the job
(e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc)

  • Travel within the UK and abroad.
  • Occasional work during evenings and weekends.
  • We are prepared to be flexible in respect of working hours (whilst being mindful of the needs of the organisation) to accommodate staff with caring responsibilities.
Passport/visa and/or nationality requirement Legal right to work in the UK
Security or legal checks required for this role

Person Specification – Chief Executive

  Essential Desirable
  • Professional management qualification or extensive senior level experience.
  • Membership of professional body.
  • Degree or Master’s level qualification.
  • Qualification relevant to the post
  • Successful strategic and day to day management of an organisation.
  • Experience of financial management.
  • Experience of staff management.
  • Proven track record of successful “business” strategy in a regulated organisation.
  • Experience of organisational legal responsibilities.
  • Demonstrable experience of management of change.
  • Experience of managing IT systems.
  • Experience of marketing and PR.
  • Experience of conference organization and management.
  • Five years senior / Board level experience in an organisation – preferably in the not-for-profit sector.
  • Experienced Chief Executive or second-in-line officer of an organisation (preferably not for profit).
  • Experience of business development & fundraising.



Skills, Knowledge and Abilities Excellent interpersonal skills.

  • Business focused.
  • Financially aware, with high level negotiation skills.
  • Visionary strategist with the ability to lead.
    • Ability to develop and maintain networks
    • Able to lead and motivate staff
    • Knowledge of Charity / voluntary sectors
    • Ability to supervise senior management staff
    • Ability to find solutions to issues
    • Ability to lead public relations
    • Ability to deliver strategies
Knowledge of quality systems.
Personal Attributes
  • Understand and respect IFPA’s values.
  • Commitment to the mission statement/values and to the specific charitable objectives and ethics of the Charity.
  • Decisive.
  • Attentive to appropriately meeting people’s needs.
  • Proactive with dynamism and energy.
    • Ability to travel and communicate effectively
    • Strong Presence
    • Enjoy the leader position / role
    • Charismatic management / leadership style


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